1. The Fight
    Part Time Killer

  2. Mommy

  3. Exactly/Scant At Best

  4. Chasing The High

  5. Symptoms
    Second Change For Better

  6. Caution
    R.C. Sullivan

  7. Living In Darkness
    Statues On Fire

  8. Whichever Path You Take
    Winning Streak

  9. St. Plaster
    St. Plaster

  10. Late Bloomers
    For I Am

  11. Love And Lacerations
    The Hostiles

  12. Different Stories On The Same Road
    A Part Of Us

  13. Always Lost Never Found
    Coral Springs

  14. The Law Of Averages

  15. Welcome To The Party Pal!
    The Siknotes

  16. The Scaries
    The Scaries

  17. They Came From Faster Space!
    Symphony Of Distraction - 69 Enfermos

  18. We Want More

  19. Realidad, Vida E Fé

  20. ...Don't Like You Either
    The Follow Ups

  21. The Half Of It
    The Follow Ups

  22. American Dream Not Found
    Double Feature

  23. Singalong

  24. All We Got
    Thee Infidels

  25. Return Of The Infamous Four

  26. The Infamous Four

  27. The Heart Is Stupid
    Amy Gabba & The Almost Famous

  28. Steps I Take - Images I Fake
    Bike Age

  29. Tales From A Modern Society

  30. Both Ends Burning

  31. Fezzo
    Not Available

  32. Resistance Is Futile
    Not Available

  33. From Insult To Injury

  34. Defections Split
    Actionmen/Dead Neck

  35. #ChillOutRadio

  36. Being Strange
    Scott Sellers

  37. Under The North Star
    Blossom Hill

  38. Bound For Destruction
    Thousand Oaks

  39. Monsters Begetting Monsters
    Thousand Oaks

  40. Hybrid War

  41. It Ain't Over Easy

  42. Plastic World
    Have No Heroes

  43. Invasion

  44. Invictus Melodious

  45. The Stifled
    The stifled

  46. Five Minute Major
    Triple Deke

  47. Haphazard
    Trophy Jump

  48. Depression Club
    Trophy Jump

  49. In2months

  50. Speed Of Sound
    In 2 Months

  51. Howler
    Edward In Venice

  52. It Ain't About The Music|Winning Is For Losers
    Bedtime For Charlie

  53. Morning Wood|Bright Light City Skyline
    Bedtime For Charlie

  54. Story Makers

  55. Nic Do Stracenia

  56. Flowers Of Evil
    Poison Alley

  57. Surrounded By Misanthropy

  58. Crash-11

  59. Aced Out
    The Overjoyed

  60. Antipodes
    One Hidden Frame / Thousand Oaks

  61. Bridges We Build | Bridges We Burn
    Teresa Banks

  62. Teresa Banks
    Teresa Banks

  63. Ways To Have Fun
    Hulit Bullet

  64. Waiting For Growing Up
    Taiwan Balek

  65. Party Cup
    The Hostiles

  66. Equador
    One Night Stand

  67. Final Song
    One Night Stand

  68. Demons

  69. Ewwww!
    Fake News

  70. Moonstone
    The Lizards

  71. Center Of Clarity
    Break The Tides

  72. Thank You For Being A Friend
    88 Fingers Louie

  73. Fool's Paradise
    Uphill Struggle

  74. Prestissimo
    Down Goes Goodman

  75. Music Industry Sucks
    Jet 8

  76. Bear In Mind

  77. Resurgence
    For Heads Down

  78. Storm Warning
    For Heads Down

  79. All About Perspectives
    For I Am

  80. Nice Knowin' Ya

  81. Defective

  82. Unstable

  83. The Dudes Of Hazzard

  84. Dead Neck
    Dead Neck

  85. I Think We'll Be Ok
    Eat Defeat

  86. Furry Tales
    You Nervous?

  87. Horse
    Symphony Of Distraction

  88. Plan B's Get Degrees
    The B Sharps

  89. Sparks Against Darkness
    Jet Market

  90. The Sky Will Cry Fire
    Jet Market

  91. Come Together
    Ninjas And Aliens

  92. Ninjas and Aliens
    Ninjas and Aliens

  93. Pull The Plug
    The Scratches

  94. More Than Meets D.I.Y

  95. Plague Allegiance

  96. Brand New Day E.P.

  97. Loin

  98. Amongst The Hurtin Mess
    Block Parent

  99. Tales From 2814
    The Corps

  100. Smashed Antholes

  101. Broken Dreams
    Out In Style

  102. Coffee, Beer And A Movie
    Out In Style

  103. What Do You Expect

  104. Mega Donair
    You Big Idiot

  105. Happy Thoughts
    You Big Idiot

  106. No One Cares Til You're dead
    Family Meeting

  107. Postscript

  108. Black Blood

  109. Future Behind Us

  110. Anarkids

  111. The Fox
    Main Line 10

  112. First The Town, Then The World
    Bare Teeth

  113. Final Redemption

  114. No Way Out

  115. Never Press Rewind, Except
    Feed The Cat

  116. Faded Memories
    No End In Sight

  117. Invasion
    No End In Sight

  118. Happy Never After
    No End In Sight

  119. Nervous Wreck
    Dutch Nuggets

  120. Get Worse
    From The Tracks

  121. Coming Soon
    Alien's Cab

  122. Freedom
    No Quarter

  123. Mind Control
    Fast Offensive

  124. Fast Offensive
    Fast Offensive

  125. Lost Faith In Our Guts
    Me The Guts

  126. Me The Guts
    Me The Guts

  127. Not Me
    Sidewalk Surfers

  128. S.O.V

  129. High Expectations, Higher Deceptions
    Bates Motel

  130. Medical Tourism

  131. No Borders

  132. Playing Again
    Flying Frogs

  133. On Deaf Ears
    Bombs Are Falling

  134. Out Of Season
    Last Shot At Fame

  135. Billy Goat
    Honolulu Breakdown

  136. ...That Sure Escalated Quickly
    Steele Justice

  137. Dog Days On Deck
    Captain Kaiser

  138. Goathorse
    The Priceduifkes

  139. Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf

  140. Tales Of Interest
    The Dopamines

  141. Hans Roofthooft / Matteo Caldari
    Hans Roofthooft / Matteo Caldari

  142. Red Cloud / Hans Roofthooft
    Red Cloud / Hans Roofthooft

  143. Hans Roofthooft And Red Cloud
    Hans Roofthooft And Red Cloud


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